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April, 2013
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July, 2014
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Hello :)

Upon taking my new role at IL Forno Bakery as head of Marketing & Development I immediately began to do some research. I wanted to really understand what the word “Marketing” meant, what “Development” really entailed; I am still not done with my research.

Marketing seems like a big word, but when you strip away all the fancy words you don’t really need, you realize it’s a simple idea. We are looking to connect; we want to hear your voice. We NEED to know what you think of us, of our products and we want to hear what you want to see from us!

Of course I want to sell you the products we already carry, tell you we take great pride in our hand made loaves. This is an art, this is love.


 So we would love for you to talk about it, good or bad (hopefully more good) drop us a comment and tell us what you think! 

- Signed Jenny E. 

Calendar IconPosted by: Eduardo Jenny on July 31, 2014