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April, 2013
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July, 2014
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Our Very First Post

As I began to look for the perfect topic for my first blog, I stumbled upon the best article I could ever have found.

“Your first blog post will most probably suck. Only your mother might like it. Your Google Analytics might say two visitors only – your laptop and your Smartphone. No one would click on the Twitter share button.

This may sound a bit harsh but even the biggest bloggers published blog posts that sucked early on in their blogging careers. What separates them from the rest is that while writing these awful blog posts the bloggers were learning the fundamentals of creating immersive blog posts.

Starting a blog is a learning experience; it is not an easy way to make money online. You need to learn what people want to read, learn how to present your content so people have a better reading experience, learn what calls-to-action work best, learn how to get people to click and share your blog posts…”



Thank you Marko Saric, you saved me a lot of grief.

For weeks, I’ve researched different blog ideas, ways to post in order to attract people, hot topics that really get the people interested… all in all I think you will all be intrigued by the fact that I’m going to start moving real-time here. As things happen you will experience them as well.

Here’s the plot, family owned and operated, literally, my sister handles orders and my brother bakes them. My father built this from zero and has done an amazing job being the one man band, the sole contact for everyone, the entire company as a whole was him.

Now imagine, after 15 years of cradling, nursing and taking care of your “little baby”, in this case the business, handing it over to what may seem like an “unfit” group of guardians, in this case, us, the children. The transition has been everything but boring, and we want all of our followers to be a part of the story being written here at IL Forno Bakery.  So, join in on the conversation! 

Calendar IconPosted by: Eduardo Jenny on April 24, 2013