• Cheese Flat Bread Cheese Flat Bread

    Great snack all by itself or with a salad!

  • Focaccia Focaccia

    Close up of the Rosemary focaccia cuadrata...

  • Baguette Baguette

    sourdough, crusty and delicious!

  • Photo op! Photo op!

    A display we put together for HPEDC

  • Before the cooking process... Before the cooking process...

    8 grain pullmans all lined up in their pans, ready to be baked!

  • Grains Grains

    Rolled Oats, Sunflower seeds, Sesame Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Poppy seeds, Millet Seeds, Caraway seeds, Flax seeds...those are the 8 grains!

  • Olive Olive

    Picculini, Kalamatas, Oh My!

  • Focaccia Romana Focaccia Romana

    A new spin on an old favorite, now you can order smaller portions of our massive 6 foot Focaccia Romana!

  • Croutons Croutons

    The bread really makes a difference, toss them in any salad for a great crunch!

  • Raisin Walnut Raisin Walnut

    Among the highest esteemed, this bread is packed full of flavor, no need for any condiments, toast and enjoy!

Il Forno Bakery

img_2444_750Welcome to Il Forno Bakery

We are a family-owned & operated wholesale specialty bakery committed to supplying our customer with the finest european style breads. Our products are baked daily with the highest standards in the industry with only natural and fresh ingredients. At Il Forno Bakery, we take extra care and pride in baking quality products that will take you back to a rustic, flavorful culinary experience. Our products are hand-made and we make sure to keep every product consistent and true to our work. Simply baking the best artisan bread is our philosophy. Every ingredient, every method, every piece of equipment and every baker who touches our product is chosen to produce the highest and finest quality in the market. Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope that whether you are a returning customer or one whom has landed on our site for the first time, your visit is a pleasant one.






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Latest Blog Posts

Hello :)

Upon taking my new role at IL Forno Bakery as head of Marketing & Development I immediately began to do some research. I wanted to really understand what the word “Marketing” meant, what “Development” really entailed; I am still not done with my research. Marketing seems like a big word, but when you strip away all the fancy words you don’t really need, you realize it’s a simple idea. We are looking to connect; we want to hear your voice. We NEED to know what you think of us, of our products and we want to hear what you want to see from us! Of course I want to sell you the products we already carry, tell you we take great pride in our hand made loaves.... Read More

Our Very First Post

As I began to look for the perfect topic for my first blog, I stumbled upon the best article I could ever have found. “Your first blog post will most probably suck. Only your mother might like it. Your Google Analytics might say two visitors only – your laptop and your Smartphone. No one would click on the Twitter share button. This may sound a bit harsh but even the biggest bloggers published blog posts that sucked early on in their blogging careers. What separates them from... Read More

What are our costumer saying

As someone who has lived in Italy and knows good bread, let me just say how grateful I am for finding your bread in my local grocery store. It's AMAZING!!!— Kimberly D'Aloia, Facebook User

"We went to a star . The thing I remembered most? The bread from   " — Charity TillemanDick, Twitter Post

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